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Common Frontend Concepts

React and the rest of the frontend development world is full of new terms. Anyone new can quickly feel overwhealmed. I’m going to try and explain the most popular terms that you will come across when working with React. Think of this as a glossary of things you will come across.

Fetching Data in React

Every React app needs to work with remote data. In this article we’ll walk though how you can make your React components talk to APIs and work with data.

Building larger apps in React

Having multiple pages in an app is pretty common. Take for example the Amazon app which has products and when you click one you get a detailed look at it. You’re gonna need to know how to build a React app with multiple pages so follow along.

Data and React components

The post second in this series on React. We focus on how data flows in and out of a React component and how you can use this data to connect multiple components together to build an app.

Getting started with React

Getting started with anything new is hard. In the frontend development world things are always changing, and changing fast. We’re gonna cut though all the complexity and get you Ninja status asap.